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100G CFP2 ER4 40km

Product Features•Supports up to 112Gbps bit rates•Duplex LC connector•Hot pluggable •Operating electrical serial data rate up to 27.952493Gbps •APD ROSA•4 parall


Product Features

Supports up to 112Gbps bit rates

Duplex LC connector

Hot pluggable 

Operating electrical serial data rate up to 27.952493Gbps 


4 parallel electrical serial interface

Applicable for 30km SMF connection

Low power consumption, < 12W

Digital Diagnostic Monitor Interfacel

MDIO Communication Interface

Compliant with 100GBASE-ER4 

Operating case temperature: 

 Commerical:0 to 70 °C 



Local Area Network(LAN)

Wide Area Network(WAN)

Switch to router interface

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             CFP2 100G ER4 40Km 0~70℃