40G QSFP+ 10km

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40G QSFP+ 10km

Product Features•Supports 41.2Gb/s bit rates •Duplex LC receptacles•Hot pluggable QSFP+ form factor•Uncooled 4x10Gb/s CWDM transmitter•Applicable for10Km on Single Mode Fiber(SMF).•Built-in digit


Product Features

•Supports 41.2Gb/s bit rates 

•Duplex LC receptacles

•Hot pluggable QSFP+ form factor

•Uncooled 4x10Gb/s CWDM transmitter

•Applicable for10Km on Single Mode Fiber(SMF).

•Built-in digital diagnostic functions

•Low power consumption, < 3.5W

•Unretimed XLPPI electrical interface

•Operating case temperature: 0°C to 70 °C 



•40GBASE-LR4 40G Ethernet

•Infiniband QDR and DDR interconnects

•Client-side 40G Telecom connections

•Other optical links 

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    QSFP+,40Gb/s, CWDM wavelength 1270~1330nm(4x10G) 10Km, 0~70℃ LC